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  1. Mollymaid

    To go or not to go to the Caribbean?

    We are booked on the Britannia transatlantic coming back from the Caribbean In March which was due to call at 3 of the closed ports, Barbados being the only scheduled port still open. Obviously I feel very sorry for the people living on the worst affected islands and I hope that they get back to some sort of normality as soon as possible, but as this is our first Caribbean cruise I don't really mind too much which islands we visit. I would however be very disappointed if P&O added any more sea days.
  2. Mollymaid

    charging for towels!

    Maybe that's where I'm going wrong! All the same,I still wouldn't want second hand items, unless there are cruise lines out there that provide new towels at the start of every cruise?
  3. Mollymaid

    charging for towels!

    Even if I was that way inclined I have yet to be provided with any towels/bathrobes that I would actually want to take home. If you wanted cruise line merchandise surely you you would buy new items rather than take anything that had been used and washed countless times!
  4. Mollymaid

    Dress code J712

    Yes, you would think that P&O would be able to advise of the formal nights in advance, but as already said, where possible they tend to be on sea days. I assume that you're looking to book speciality restaurants for non-formal nights as the dress code applies to these as well as the MDR except with the Limelight Club on Britannia. The dress codes will be available once you are on board and we've never had any problems booking restaurants then. Have a great holiday.