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  1. I need a holiday!!!!
  2. I never use the launderette. I am on holiday!!! x
  3. I have never used the spa!! I can do that at home x
  4. I don't use the pools on board but they always seem big enough for the amount of people on the ship.
  5. I never use internet on board. It is nice to get away from it all!
  6. welcome to the forum!!!!!
  7. I go on holiday to have a break from the gym. It is getting back into it when I get home!
  8. I would love to go on Queen Victoria!!! She looks amazing!!!
  9. The gratuities can be removed. I prefer to pay the staff that have made my cruise special and gone the extra mile!!
  10. If it ruins it for everyone else then they should be removed.
  11. I loved the Baltic cruise. plenty of history. I loved Stockholm, Copenhagen, Tallinn were all amazing and I would definitely visit again.
  12. I have heard some brilliant reports about the Independence Of The Seas. I have a friend who travels on her every year.
  13. You will love the Oceana. I went on her in August and loved it!
  14. a lot of people are using the personaliser preparing for their holidays. The same thing happened to me and I went back in later that day and it worked ok.