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  1. Le Harve

    Thank you everyone for your help and advice. We have decided to book an excursion to Honfleur after weighing up all the options.
  2. Le Harve

    I'm going at the beginning of October so the bus into town sounds like a good option. Thank you for your help.
  3. Le Harve

    We are cruising with P&O and one of the ports will be Le Harve. Is the port nice enough to have a walk around independently straight from the cruise ship?
  4. Amsterdam

    Thank you so much for responding. You have been very helpful.
  5. Red sightseeing buses in Norway

    Hi. I went to Stavanger earlier this month and the town is compact enough to comfortably walk around it and see the sights in a day. I'd recommend walking up the old fire watch tower as it gives great views across the town and is well worth money for the views alone.
  6. Amsterdam

    I'm traveling on P&O Azura to Amsterdam in October. Could anyone tell me if the ship will actually dock in the city so that you can walk into the town or is it a shuttle bus drive away?