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Celebrity Free Drinks Offer

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Hi Rashvina,


In my opinion it's not good value at all.


I booked a cruise for August of this year on Eclipse when they first went on sale and believe I got a very good deal.


I now know this is so, last week I phoned my travel agent to ask if I would be better off cancelling my booking and re-booking at the new price inclusive of drinks.


The price quoted was just over £1500 more than I paid originally, meaning if I were to buy the drinks package for both of us, I would be better off to the tune of approx £750.


So, from where I'm standing there is a massive catch.




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It really depends.  I'm cruising on Eclipse in May and managed to get a C2 grade cabin for £3,300 when I booked.  The same cabin is now £4,518 including the 'Free' drinks.  The price shot up just before they announced the offer.  I know Alex and I won't drink the difference so it wasn't worth it for us - I'd rather have the lower fare and pay as I go on board.


That all said, you can't go back in time so what was available previously is rather irrelevant.


You just need to calculate how much each of the three offers is worth to you, and go from there.  My understanding is that you can choose two from free drinks, free gratuities, or free spending money.  Gratuities are $322.  OBC depends on grade of cabin (but check).  If you were to get $150 OBC and think you'd spend less than that on drinks, it makes sense to get the Grats and OBC.  If you'll spend more than $150 on drinks (reasonably likely?) then Grats and free drinks might be the best value offer.


The drinks package included is the Classic drinks package.  You can see the differences here: http://www.celebritycruises.com/planAndBook/tabLanding.do?pagename=onboard_beverage_packages#onboard_beverage_packages_premium_classic_tab/onboard/asrPanel.do%3Fpagename=onboard_beverage_packages_premium_classic&ComponentTypeId=30&categoryId=&currencyCode=USD

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