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Do You Always Go Ashore When The Ship Is In Port?

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I am definitely a lady, albeit the rarity that does not like shopping, get anything I require on line.


I am also a lady but don't really enjoy shopping.

I don't bother with online shopping and only actually shop if I need something - window shopping - no thanks  ;)

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We always go ashore however many times we have visited a port. There is still often something new to find or an old favorite to visit but there are many ports that are rarely visited that I would love to visit but are rarely seen on a cruise from Southampton. Our next cruise had 8 ports in the med but we have visited them all at least three times. Why are the ports always Corfu,Rhodes&Cyprus? there are many more Islands around the eastern med i would love to visit.

Try a different cruise line or if possible fly to a port in the Mediterranean as many ships go to different ports of call. RCI out of Venice do Santorini, Mykonos and others. If you stick to the same cruise line the chances are you will go to the same ports of call.

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