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Pesky Pirate

Fonts Etc

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 For some reason my posts are not showing…. Is it just me or is anyone else having a problem. Is it something I can rectify myself.  :unsure:


Maybe the forum is protesting against your inappropriate use of the pain-inducing Comic Sans MS font.


My eyes are bleeding  :P

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Sorry it was the first one I clicked on.  :(


It's OK... all is forgiven :-)


Seriously can't think of any reason that would happen though.  I wondered if there might have been a white font but there's definitely no invisible text so there must be some issue with the site that's causing the text to be lost.  Either that or a browser issue that's deleting the text before submission?


Seems like it's an intermittent issue (as you can post now) so it would be very difficult to test for.  Hopefully it was just a one-off?

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