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Guest Lulucat

Fjords - May 2014

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Hi all, we are off to the Fjords for the second time next month.   The only new port we are doing is Flam - and that day happens to be my birthday.    There are 3 excursions we are interested in - the Flam Railway of course, and two coach excursions that visit local attractions.  One of them is more appealing to me than the other but the excursion departs at 8.30 am - now do I really want to be up and ready and off by 8.15 on my birthday - my thought is not - but I will be advised.  


The two excursions are Osterbo Mountain Scenery and Scenic Fjords and Waterfalls - the Fjords and Waterfalls is the one that starts at 8.30 and which visits the Stalheim Hotel and Norway's steepest road.  The Osterbo one visits the Osterbo Mountain Lodge which doesn't look quite so spectacular.


Anyway, over to you all - what do you recommend - it will help me make my decision.

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I was in the Fjords last May on Celebrity Eclipse, and blogged the whole trip.  Here is my post for the day we were in Flåm:




I absolutely wanted to do the Flåm Railway, so I booked the excursion with Celebrity.  Unlike most excursions, it was little more than a guaranteed seat on the train, which was precisely what I wanted.  We did get off and Celebrity had arranged waffles and coffee for us at the top, with time to walk about and take in the beautiful, snowy scenery.


The only reason I booked is that there was a chance I wouldn't get a ticket if I did it DIY, and you can't book individual tickets in advance for the railway.


I can't comment on wake-up time for your Birthday - that's a very personal choice - but you'll have loads of Birthdays!  How many times will you wake up in a place so beautiful as Flåm?


Have a great time whatever you decide to do!

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Thanks Duncan - very helpful.   We'll have to make a decision quick or there'll be nothing left.

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We are going to Norway in May as well (Celebrity).

I'm not sure why anyone would want to stay in bed as late as that when cruising in Norway.

As I am getting on a bit I find I don't sleep too well and most of the time this is a nuisance. However it is a real advantage on Norway cruises as I will be up at 5 each morning to see the scenery. It's great having the ship to myself at that time.

We are not doing any tours this time and will just walk around the "town". However! we are hoping to do Norway again in a couple of years, so any information about the tour that you chose would be welcome.

Hope you have a great time , and have a Happy Birthday


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