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Guest Solent Richard

Venice - A Different Aspect

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I posted a new thread on my blog yesterday which basically gave an insight into walking from the Venice Cruise Terminal to St. Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco).


It is easily achievable and offers an interesting insight into 'hidden' Venice including passing over the Rialto Bridge...





...and finding the oldest church in Venice, the San Giacomo di Rialto...




For those interested in food there is also a visit to the Venice Fish market...





...in addition to some quirky side canals...





Anyone interested in the read, here is the link...





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I've commented elsewhere, but I'll comment again here.


What a fantastic addition to your 'One way to do...' series (or are you changing it to 'A Different Aspect'?)


Great detail in a helpful guide with the essential photography to illustrate the post too.

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I have also commented elsewhere Richard  but for those taking their first  cruise to Venice the info is  so straight forward I suggest they pop over and take a look it will be well worth their while, keep it up Richard  those 'how to do series' of yours are invaluable.CG

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Last time I went to Venice I did the hidden venice walking tour…… Brilliant trip but I got to the stage where I was fed up with bridges… lol. You certainly see the bits that most others wouldn't find on their own…..  :wacko:

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Loved Venice - try and get off the main thoroughfares and there are some fab little bars and bakeries with food at a fraction of the price.


It is a fairly easy walk to the Grand Canal or a quick ride on the people mover.


The Vaporettos have become expensive so a top tip is to wind your way through the streets via St Marks Sq. and then onto the promenade towards Lido.


Then it is just one single 7 euro ticket all the way back up the Grand Canal on No.1 service.

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