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Art Auctions At Sea

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As i said earlier, I have often been invited for the Champagne receptions. 


I enjoy them because I find it yet anther 'social' event.


I have also met passengers who have bought from the galleries. So it does happen.


Yes it does a couple we used to chat to bought one on our last cruise.

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A few years ago P&O (Azura I think) were having a big promotion of Rolf Harris's art. Whatever they sold of his is probably not worth much now unless there is some kind of dark macabre market for his stuff.



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I appear to be in the minority then - I love going to the Park West auctions on the American lines on sea days.   They've always been very well attended & I personally learned quite a bit about various artists.   I discovered an artist I really liked (Anatole Krasnyansky) & bought one of his pieces depicting old Chester which I was able to carry off at the end of the cruise.  I also won 3 large prints in the raffles during a cruise which were posted to me free of charge.

Park West also give everyone who attends an auction a small print of various artists - yes, they're worthless but generally jolly enough to put in cheap frames to adorn perhaps 'the smallest room' or a guest bedroom.

I've never forgone an event/guest talk in preference to the art auction & missing an hour of reading my kindle hasn't affected my overall enjoyment of the cruise experience.

Diversity rules - it's true that the world would be a boring place if we all liked the same thing ;)

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