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Hello Honey73. We went on MSC Magnifica last September and had a great time.  The ship is beautiful, the food being an Italian ship was of course out of this world, lots of variety not just Italian cuisine. The ice-cream was spectacular.


Very mult-national, we had quite a lot of Germans and Dutch on board as the ship took passengers on board in Hamburg & Amsterdam but also plenty of Brits as we boarded in Southampton.


Down side for us was that all announcements were in 6 languages but as English came first you could just switch off for the other 5. This was also the reason the entertainment was not quite our style as it was mainly acrobats, although they were very good and we enjoyed watching the first couple of nights we did miss the usual shows.


We would certainly go on another MSC cruise, no hesitation.


I have put a few photos in the Gallery if you want to take a look.

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