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Hurrah! Back In The Forum..

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At last! I have been unable to sign in the forum for a few weeks  [forgot password] although I made repeated requests for a new password it never arrived, yes I always received the message it was being sent and should arrive in 10 minutes or instantly  it never did, 

I then looked on the administers lists but it wouldn't let me contact them  and the last time and of them were online    was the 5th June?


So I have just used my second e-mail address to reregister and I am pleased to say I am once more a member of the forum albeit no longer  CG but Falmouthgirl [ Ihave written the password down this time, glad to be back.FG

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Hi Falmouthgirl


Just had a similar problem, awaited a reply NOT received. Checking my encrypted notes of my numerous passwords I had used a wrong digit!!. that's the problem of being a silver surfer. So welcome back the both of us.

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