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Arctic Awakening Spring 2015

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On the spur of the moment on a Thursday (mainly because we had no grandkid duties the following week) we asked about taking a part Coastal Voyage from Kirkeness back down to Bergen on Hurtigruten. By Saturday evening we had itinerary  and tickets to leave on the Sunday for Oslo (thanks Bolsover!).

We were on MS Finnmarken and for 6 days and we journeyed South taking in fabulous views, calling at lots of ports and getting some incredible food. This wasn't like being on P&O as the ship was a working ship but with tourists from all over Europe. We even managed 3 hours of the Northern Lights which was a bonus in April

We had a fabulous time and want to do the journey North and then the South again but this time in a different season. Here is my summary blog which has lots of pictures and links to me daily blogs which have even more photos and a port count:






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Hi Ian Hardacre,


Glad you enjoyed the Hurtigruten trip and you plan to do another in the near future. Great to hear you managed to keep warm with tea in your thermas! Being English living in Bergen i seem to be the only one who enjoys "a proper brew" (Yorkshire Tea)!

When you were in Bergen what did you get upto? Did you have much time to look around? I run a tourist site to help provide information for people visiting Bergen. Next time you plan on visiting maybe check out my site at http://www.thingstodoinbergen.com, hopefully you will find it useful. 

If you have any questions about the city of Bergen i will be more than gratefull to answer them the best i can.



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