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Any Advice On Shore Excursions?

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I am due to take a 7 night fly cruise on Oceana in Sept and have a girl of two that I am taking with me. I would really appreciate any advice/recommendations that can be given for child-friendly shore excursions for the following ports:


- Genoa

- Florence/Pisa

- Naples

- Dubrovnik

- Venice


Thanks in advance

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I have been told the Pisa with boat and little train is good for children and older people who can't walk far. And she may enjoy the little train. May be worth finding out if there are any nice safe beaches close to any of the ports always popular with toddlers.

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Guest Solent Richard

Good afternoon Linzi.


let me get the ball rolling for you in Genoa.


There will be a selection of HoHo buses parked right outside the cruise terminal...




Make sure you get off at   Pont Embriaco....





to see the maritime area and Piazza Ferrrari...




for the more famous historical buildings.


Finally the Pazza Della Vittoria: take the children to the top of the garden where I'm stood, and you'll have no trouble with then that evening...




wink.png biggrin.png

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I think that as regards to difficult questions this one must be towards the "top of the tree".

All of these ports of call are first class cultural destinations, but as regards to being of any interest to children they are "non-starters".

I would admit that this holiday is for you and enjoy it the best you can, and then possibly consider your next holiday with regards your two year old daughter.

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