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Okay Who's Cruising The Caribbean In The Winter Of 2015/2016?

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Bon Voyage to you. We are now at 26 days until ours.



Thank you and I hope you both have an excellent time too!

Activities all planned for most ports and the occasional beach day thrown in...



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Well the day is finally here... Few hours at work then off to London!

Bird to Barbados then 2 weeks of bliss on board Azura!!!


Anyone thats going anywhere over the Christmas period, have an awesome holiday!


I will get some photos and reviews up upon my return!! cool.png cool.png smile.png smile.png

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We are going to the Caribbean on Feb 5th .is there a problem with Mosquitos on any of the islands .We are doing 9 islands from Barbados to Antigua,  St Kitts  around other islands  and Grenada .

There is always a chance of getting bitten however the chance of a real Mosquito bite is quite small. Many people get bitten by various insects and usually say 'I've got a Mosquito bite', when in reality it's not. Spray yourself with Avon 'Skin so Soft' it works well against most biting insects.

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