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The New Luminae Restaurant Aboard Celebrity Eclipse

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Although I have posted this in the "reviews and blogs" already, it's not that easy to find, so I am re-posting it here as well, in case any of you are interested.


In July 2015, we were fortunate to experience Celebrity's new "suite-class" concept on a cruise to Iceland & the Fjords aboard Celebrity Eclipse, the most notable feature of which is the exclusive Luminae Restaurant, introduced in April 2015.


I have uploaded an album of photos and various menus for those who are interested:-


The interior of the new restaurant is very tasteful. Seating about 92, there's plenty of room around tables, giving flexibility to create 2's, 4's or 6's. There are even a couple of booth tables, which are ideal for small groups. I'm no lover of "bankette" seating but a thoughtful touch are the small cushions, which I found perfect for my bad back!


Service was impeccable. The Maitre d' was highly attentive and he, as well as his staff, seemed to quickly establish that ideal balance of effeciency and friendliness that suited us perfectly.


The menus were something of a surprise. By comparision to the extensive choices offered in the main dining room, the Moonlight Sonata Restaurant next door, the menus appeared remarkably short and simple. If you are a fussy diner, and there are lots things you don't like, you may have trouble finding something you like here, although we found the staff extremely adaptable when it came to personal choices or preferences and we never really had any difficulty in finding something on the menu we fancied.


The quality of the cuisine I would describe as elegant and occasionally surprising (in a pleasant way!). They also provide you with not one but two "amuse bouches" - one before your starter and another one before your dessert. These are always different and often very imaginative, adding an element of fun to the otherwise simple style of the menu-proper.  Soups too are served in a unique style; any croutons or tasty morsels arrive in your otherwise empty bowl, with nothing else (that caught me out the first time) but the waiter then reveals the actual soup in a serving jug and pours it onto the contents of your bowl. Call it an unneccessary flamboyance perhaps, but it has the practical advantage that it keeps the soup hot and avoids any messy spillages en-route from the galley!


While they generally serve Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in Luminae, on sea days, they serve Brunch from 10am til 1pm instead. The menu for that is largely the same, although there are one or two feature dishes that change each time. The Maine Lobster Roll was particularly good! 


An already infamous feature of Dinner on Formal nights is the appearance of the "Candy Cart", which you have to see to believe! It comes in addition to the dessert menu!


In summary, our experiences of the new Luminae Restaurant were wonderful, although I feel that the menus do not "sell themselves" and they could perhaps do with a few improvements - not least in offering a few more choices. That said, the new "suite-class" concept does entitle passengers in Celebrity Suites and above to dine in any of the other speciality restaurants on board without additional charge (although you still have to book). Passengers in Sky Suites, while able to dine in Luminae now, can also have 2 "free" speciality reservations in any 2 week cruise, as was the case previously.


The only negative aspect of the new Luminae Restaurant is the effect it has had on the main Moonlight Sonata Restaurant next door, out of which Luminae was "carved" on deck 3 starboard. Visually, it has ruined the look of what was, in my view, a stunning room. But that's what goes with "retro-fitting" new ideas, after the ship's been built and has sailed!



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