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Harmony of the seas

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Hi everyone,


I havent been on here for a while.

Great video, made me feel a little dizzy though, its a bit quick, showing you what must be a small amount of that huge ship.


Just had a thought, is it the video making me dizzy? or is it the excitement as I too am booked on the 4 night sailing May 2016.


I have been wanting to get book all year and when Bolsover had it on their website I jumped to it.


CANNOT WAIT !!  biggrin.png

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Rum+Sun get your agent to check Harmony.


I have just spoken to Bolsover re cabin availability, as i thought of changing my cabin, and they have advised that there are some twin/dbl cabins and some 3/4 berths back on screen. Sounds like prices have increased a bit but there's something there for you. smile.png

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