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river cruising

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Can anyone give me any advice at all about my river cruise that I am due to go on shortly with AMA. My husband and I have cruised many times before but this will be our first river cruise and we are a little uncertain about the dress code as we cannot find any information in the brochure. Is the dress code quite relaxed in the evenings and what do ladies and gents tend to wear for dinner?

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Guest Solent Richard

Good morning Dough-Head.


Yes, I can help you.


I returned on Sunday from a river cruise along the Rhone with Viking on the Viking Hermod...




...but have also sailed on Amalotus. (All river cruises follow a similar dress code pattern)


The standard of dress is 'Smart Casual' and as you will probably find, with the majority of passengers being American, almost anything goes.


To be fair though, the majority do make the effort on the smart casual front and I did notice a number of gentlemen also wearing jackets and they didn't look out of place.


The main thing about river cruising is the activity level on their excursions which are generally quite active - dress accordingly and comfortably...




I'd probably say around 25% of ladies wore a dress or skirt in the evenings though not every evening, the majority preferring smart slacks and loose tops. Passengers did make more effort for the 'Welcome' evening and 'Gala' dinners.


Whatever you choose be rest assured that you will neither look out of place or nor be made to feel it.


Hope that helps. A bit rushed because I have house guests for the weekend and I'm duty chef.


Bon voyage.

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