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Sockets in cabins

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P&O are all UK plugs smile.png

P&O WEbsite states




Standard UK three pin plug sockets are used on all ships across the fleet. Shaver points are also located in the bathrooms.

Oceana and Britannia shaver sockets have US 2 pin sockets (which require an adaptor) to be able to use a UK 3 pin plug.

The standard electrical supply in the United Kingdom is 50HZ (cycles) and 240V. 

The supply on board is:

Oceana - 220V / 110V / 60HZ


The above voltage is sufficient to charge electrical equipment such as laptops and cameras.  

You may find the following question useful: Can I use my electrical appliances on board?

Yes, all cabins are fitted with the British three pin sockets. 

Additionally all rooms are fitted with 220V / 110V switchable razor sockets, except Britannia and Oceana which are fitted with 230V / 120V that will require a UK adaptor.

Please note that the electrical supply on board P&O Cruises ships varies but may not be the same as the standard electrical supply in the UK.


P&O Cruises cannot supply an extension lead. 


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