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Azura A752

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Hi All,


I've just booked Penthouse Suite A752 on Azura.  After booking curiosity led me to look for extra photos online.  Those I've seen make the cabin look a bit dingy & grim, even those on the P&O site, where I've found a couple that are specifically of the 2 x penthouse suite on the ship.  The general 'suite' photos on the site look great; bright & cheery, albeit with less floor space than I imagine we'll be getting.  Those for A752 make everything look overwhelmingly mustard & vaguely depressing.


We've really pushed the boat out (so to speak) on this cruise.  Windows & extra space are important to us as we have a teenager with us & a suite gives her & us just a little bit more privacy than we might otherwise get.  Two separate cabins are not an option as our daughter is not old enough.  There were no family suites available.  


Given what we have paid for this holiday I am now really wondering whether I've made a terrible mistake.  I could have saved a lot of money booking a smaller suite & worryingly they all look a bit more modern, less gloomy & nothing like as tired as the photos I've seen of the two a suites on A deck.


Has anyone ever booked either of the two Penthouse suites on Azura.  Better still, any photos to put my mind at rest?


Many thanks. 

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My husband and I have had the penthouse suite on Azura once, and ever since we have had one of the other suites on the back of the ship. The reason for us was that all the suites are identical in design and decor except for the "living room" portion of the penthouse being approximately twice the size of an ordinary suite, and as there are only two of us we didn't really have use for the extra space. If you have a 3rd person in the suite I can see the extra space being an big advantage, only you can decide if that is worth the extra expense. I hope you have a great cruise, Azura is a lovely ship.

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