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Genuine offers ?

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I am new to this forum and am not sure if the purpose of my post is appropriate for this board but I feel our experience following our most recent cruise is something of concern of which others should be aware.


We have cruised with RCI and their sister company Celebrity many times during the last 20 years and on many of their ships. Often we travel with our daughter and her family and have always been happy with the service and facilities offered by RCI, invariably opting for adjacent Grand Suites for both the extra room they offer and the bonus concierge services. Also the diamond lounge available to us at diamond plus members.


On a general note we felt the quality of food in the main dining room on this latest cruise showed a vast improvement to that on our previous few cruises when we thought the food had declined. We also ate in both Chops and Geovanni's and the standard of food and service was good as always.


Staff as always remain happy and attentive and always readily willing to please and assist.


The ship is due for a re-fit in the Autumn I believe and although some of the fitting show some sigh of wear, the overall appearance of the ship, cabins and public areas remain clean and sparkling.


As with our last few cruises we were encouraged to book our next cruise on board and have previously had no reason to question the 'offers' available. However, when we returned home and received our booking confirmations via our UK travel agent there were a number of anomalies and omissions, such as missing discounts, on board credit, incorrect deposits and most significantly a variant in passenger costs between the two suites booked.


We took this up with our travel agent and in the course of doing so it was noted that the per person cruise costs 'sold' to us were significantly higher than those advertised on RCI's (and many travel agents) web site on the day the booking was made. When I say significant I am taking in excess of £1,300 for two people and not something that could be down to ''fluid pricing' which I appreciate can create variants.


RCI told us that as soon as discounts are added to a booking the per person price on their system will automatically increase. I have suggested to them that they are misrepresenting the offers used to temp customers to re-book and at the same time building the cost of the 'offers' into the prices sold on board.


To date they have failed to produce revised booking confirmations showing deposits, on board credit etc., or address the issue of over inflated prices. I would add that the whole experience led me to re-visit the paperwork and historic web pricing for the cruise from which we have just returned (also booked on board) and it seems we were charged in the region of £1,000 more that the advertised prices on the day that booking was made.


It may be that I am not the first to post about this issue but feel it is a cautionary message to those considering booking a future cruise on board.


B x

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 Warning heeded, and so sorry to read this, your first post!


We booked our next year's September 2017 cruise in June 2016, weeks before the referendum, on the explicit promise that the price and the full deposit that we paid, would prevent any currency changes and fluctuations from affecting the balance.

Our favourite Cruise Club, came up trumps, (are we still allowed to use that word?) yet again.


I would urge extreme caution to all, in booking on cruises on board ship,unless the contract is drawn in £ Sterling, rather than Euros or US$. Caveat Emptor! 


One would like to think that with your past cruise history with the RCI group, they will do their best to find an amicable and mutual way through this situation for you.

I sincerely hope things work out for you


All the best!





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