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Norway/Iceland cruises -anybody out there taken one of these? WOuld love to hear opinions

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P&O's American owners, Carnival, have now chopped so much out of its operating costs that it's looking very much like a cheapo low cost airline operation.

OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but any P&O regular will know exactly what I mean. Every time you go on another cruise, something else has been cut out, and something else has become chargeable.

The once excellent meals are now a shadow of their former selves, with no silver service, fewer courses, fewer frills, poorer quality main courses and pretty dire, boring vegetables - all done for cheapness.

Tours of the bridge are chargeable, and so are tours of the kitchens now. What next? Walking the Promenade Deck?

I see a lot of posts here suggesting Fred Olsen now provides considerable better standards (sorry - that word again!) than P&O, and possibly at lower prices too.

Is this really true?

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Best destinations of them all.

We have done Iceland 3 times and Norway about 5 with another booked for next year.

Weather can be very cold or very hot, and sometimes in between so you need to be prepared for anything at any time of the year.

Best locations for me are Akureyri in Iceland and Geiranger and Flam in Norway. Whilst most ports have very good excursions the best bits, and "free", are the sail-ins down the fjords, especially if you get on deck in the very early mornings when it's quiet and everyone is still asleep.

Happy to answer any specific questions.


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We have been to Norway a few years ago on the Artemis now gone sadly.


Enjoyed it immensely Norway isn't a cheap place for buying things.


Our visit to Lofoton was amazing and we also went to the North Cape - beautiful up there and expensive even to buy a warm drink.


After our North Cape trip we arrived back at ship, showered, and changed for evening dinner.


The night was closing in but as we came out of the dining room the sun was out and shining brightly.


Normally I would be winding down at this point but my eyes went 'ping' and I was instatnaly awake as if it was morning.


Some passengers told me they couldn't sleep that night although I didn't have any problems once we had been out on deck taking photographs.


Take a mixture of clothes and don't expect to be using much sun screen - although who knows?


Go and enjoy!

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