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6th August - Queen Victoria - Rome to Venice Review

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6th August - Queen Victoria - Rome to Venice


Having been on the Queen Victoria before with my husband some years ago, I can confirm that not much has changed in the Cunard's way of cruising.  We have done a few of the american giant ships, with their all inclusive drinks packages, excitement flow riders, wall climbing etc, Cunard promised shuffle board, bridge classes & ballroom dancing,  but it all sounded so relaxing & form the moment we booked, with their easy pre cruise information, trip planners and the lovely email communications with the shore staff at Cunard, at this point if should explain how important this cruise was to my sister & myself.  


I have cystic fibrosis & 3 years ago I had a double lung transplant.  For the first year I was unable to travel outside the uk, hospital rules, then last year my anti rejection tablets caused some nodes I had in my thyroid to develop into cancer, my thyroid was removed in July & I was mid radiation treatment when my sister could travel, she is a teacher. So this year we were finally able to cruise again.  As soon as I booked the medical department sent me a form to fill out & called to say everything would be in place, sharps bin, extra pillows, reassurance that the medical team were there for any emergencies.  Then a transplanted friend of mine mentioned that RCL had provided her with a packed lunch & bottled water to take ashore with her, as we are unable to drink local water & eat unwashed food etc as can cause rejection.  I emailed the customer services to see if they could provide this too.  They got in touch with the ship, and the chef wrote back confirmed they could.  Two chefs came to see me after dinner, to discuss what I could & couldn't eat. They had even been out & bought some containers to put it in.  That first morning when it arrived was like a banquet, we just expected a sandwich & a piece of fruit. Next day we there was slightly less even though we just asked for the two items. The maître d came every night with the following nights menu for me to check that I could eat everything.


Unknown to me my sister had also emailed the customer services, as when I was recovering in hospital after my transplant, the days are very long, we wrote a bucket list of things I could do with my new lungs.  I had said I had always wanted to eat with the captain or a man in uniform, but I thought that they just dined with people in suites & those who had done many cruises & joked I didn't stand a chance. They got in touch with us on board and said they couldn't arrange that, but would pay for a meal at the speciality restaurant or pay if we had already been.  We had and chose to go again, it was delicious both times.


Cunard is 5* all the way. Would definitely choose them again.


One of our last ports was Kotor, it is such a lovely port.  You can walk the 1,350 steps up the walls that were used to protect the port, we read that there was a very scenic walk up the other side, you climb through a stone window near the top & walk the last 5 mins up the steps.  I got it into my head that I wanted to do this in honour of my donor, now I am not very sporty at all, the most walking I do is round the shops, but we set off at 9am and got back to the ship at 3pm.  It was very hard work for me, but I was determined to reach the top. If you are fit, it can be done in just less than an hour, both up & down, we kept having a rest and admiring the stunning Views we wound our way up, reaching the top was such an achievement for me.  We had lunch up there & then started the decent.  The walk down the steps was harder than the walk up. Here are some photos of our journey up the 'mountain' 










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