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Monaco Grand Prix Cruise in 2017, has anyone done this?

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I have just received an email from my TA about special themed cruises for 2017. My husband is very keen on doing this, but wondered how it worked if you are only in Monaco for just one day? Does this give you enough time to be involved?

It would just make it so much easier to do it on a cruise, as we have 2 small children, so at least we could stay on-board, while my husband goes to watch the race?

Would be grateful on peoples thought's on this!

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We were in Monaco on a practice day , the ships tend to berth at Ville France ,and you can catch a train into Monaco.

The race area its self is shielded off with high barriers, no pay no see, plenty of streets shut off , close to the race track.

I your lucky some ships pay the extra and anchor in the harbour and you would get a decent view ,...Davybe 

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We did this on Silversea about four years ago - wonderful!! Monaco is not that big and the town is dedicated, to the race weekend.

My only caution would be how are you going to get from the ship to land. if your ship is anchored, expect the tender trip to rough, and allow plenty of time to board the tender, it's a slow process because of the rough sea, there is a lot of traffic in the bay, which causes this problem. If you tender in to the older harbour, it's easy to get a free bus ride to the grandstands or it within walking distance. Many larger ships that visit the Grand Prix dock out of Monaco, so you will have a coach trip in.

What ever you choose if you are an F1 fan I am sure you will enjoy it.

You will need tickets, there is nowhere you can view the race for free, even if your ship anchors in the harbour you can't see the race from the ship.

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