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Little Mermaid

Black Friday - No longer just 1 day!

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Hi All,


I fancy a right old winge on this miserable monday morning.

It is actually Black Friday this friday, just in case you didn't know.


Has anyone else noticed that everything is a Black Friday deal?? even at the begining of November it became Black Friday month, Black Friday week etc.


Do we even need Black Friday? There have been many deals to encourage our spending at what has become a very selfish and indulgent time of year.


I even question some of the quality of some of these Black Friday products, electrical goods made by companies i've never heard of, but purchases are made because of the price. I have to admit I have bought something because of this.

I have a tablet in my sideboard cupboard which has been there from the first black friday we had and its been out twice, thought it would be good for my daughter. The quality of the screen is abysmal and I might aswell have left the money on the driveway. I would've got more pleasure seeing someones face when they found the cash.


Has anyone purchased things in this sale and been really chuffed with the deal????

How great or rubbish do you think it really is?




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no deal is worth the stress of crowds of people in the shops fighting to get hold of things, if i buy anything in the black friday sale it will be on my i pad from the comfort of my sofa smile.png did manage to get a few good offers on line last year so will be having a browse!

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Some people find Black Friday (Wonder when the PC brigade will object ??)irresistible ,same as the dodgy watch sails on ships   and the "Tax free " at the airports?

We can all check around for prices .Found a Camera cheaper locally, than at the "Tax Free " shop at the airport.

Bought some Binoculars from a local shop cheaper than Amazon ,it just pays to shop around .

And it's not a bargain if you don't need it....Davybe  

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