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"Hive " Heating Control

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Last Friday we got a Hive heating control fitted by British Gas,and I must say that up till know we are both impressed.

We have a Combi Boiler which due to us having no thermostat was always on.We controlled the heat by adjusting the Radiator thermostats  ,not a very efficient method.

We can now control   the heating via the internet using a smartphone ,adjusting the temperature ,turning it on and off also setting it up to turn on and off for our holidays.

There are offers on for existing customers till the 29th  If you were thinking of buying one then this may be a good time...Davybe

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14 hours ago, Captain Kidd II said:

We have a thermostat that allows for holidays and cannot be hacked i to over the internet. We also have room thermostats as well. Had no issues.

That's Good , How many  Internet run Controls have been hacked into....Davybe

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