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Trevor Ashall

Cruise R620 - the Canary Islands, etc.

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We weren't advised that this was a music-themed cruise before departure. We wouldn't have booked it if we'd known.

The music was classical, or verging on classical. Some people may like this, but many don't.

For the second appearance of some artists, the theatre was only one third occupied.

The daytime lectures, 16 of them, were about Shakespeare. This was not good entertainment. It was moved out of the theatre to a smaller venue.

A comedian was flown in on the penultimate port to provide some light-hearted entertainment. The theatre was packed and the isles full. This should give a message to P & O.

The Headliners appeared only twice in the theatre. The best entertainment on board. The theatre was full on both occasions.

P & O are continually reducing the little items that were appreciated by the majority.

Silver service disappeared a while ago, but now other items have disappeared: -

Carafes of wines are now not available at the dinner;

The chocolatier event has gone from the dining room;

The gateaux afternoon does now not appear;

The chefs are not granted their appearance and our appreciation.

The vegetation menu remained unchanged for 12 days. On previous cruises it was changed every 5 or 6 days.

Do you think that you get a good deal by buying coffee and wine packages in advance of the cruise. Not true. You can get the same deals on board.

Who want to go to Morocco again? Not the majority I bet.

Very short bursts of communication from the bridge.

Maybe it's time to look at another cruise line!


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Welcome to the forum Trevor.

On our last cruise I asked someone "what's our next port " she replied did you not read what cruise you were booking??

I Had But Forgot which was the next port.

I do find it hard to believe that there was nothing to indicate It was a Music Cruise,we waited at the coach stop with a couple who had booked the same cruise and were looking forward to listening to classical music.?

Both P&O and Cunard have themed  cruises which they advertise .

Sadly the other entertainment on cruise does fall short of what I would like ,but  thats life...Davybe

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Welcome to the forum, Trevor. I really am suprised that you did not know the cruise was a theme one as they are usually well advertised.

i am not sure how long it was since your previous P&O cruise but, from memory, I cannot remember carafes of wine being available in the MDR since 2010, but I coukd be wrong. The concept of reducing quality has been well documented on this site with one of the problems being the push to sell cabins at low cost.

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Carafes of wine were available on Britannia in October.


P&O havent served proper silver service for over 20yrs what they did serve was a joke and if you were on a table of 8 and waited for everybody to be served the vegetables parts of the meal was cold.


Done nearly 30 cruises on P&O since 2000 and have never known a gateaux afternoon.


The chefs did there Chef's Parade  on Britannia in October and the times were printed in the Horizon (they did it at 2 different times in the Freedom dining restaurant so there could be a chance where you could miss it).

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Just back from Azura Christmas cruise. 3 things that still did happen - chef's parade, chocolate afternoon tea and wine carafes in MDR. You have to ask for a carafe of wine as it is not listed in the wine lists on the table.

Personally, I prefer the plated meals as everything is still nice and hot when you get it.:)

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