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Where I can get Yachting service with experienced charter?

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Hello all,
I want to go for a trip to coastal area of Mexico & want to book a charter service. My friends are suggested me that MED WAVES LTD. is offering yachting service throughout Greece, UK, Qatar & Dubai. But i want to know more sites  so that I could choice a better one. So please suggest me some of good yachting sites.

Thank you all.

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Wow!! Respectfully said, it all depends where you want to actually want to charter your boat from?

If you wish to cruise the Mexican coast, then that area, the Caribbean or the respective US Gulf coastlines or Florida would be the best areas to search for a ship/yacht

I'd suggest you checkout all the US Power-yacht Magazine sites, to get a feel of the Charter costs involved. 

The costs of flying First Class or private by air, would be infinitely less expensive, than chartering a Motor-yacht across the pond to begin with, to say nothing of the (non-inclusive) fuel burn and the range/versus speed limitations encountered.

If looking for something a bit smaller and more likely 'available' I'd check-out:  http://flemingyachts.com/ or a similar charter yacht agency: https://www.yachtcharterfleet.com/luxury-charter-yacht-48937/fleming-78.htm

Good Luck in your very exciting adventure and quest!!!

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