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TV Cruise Shows, Hit or Miss?

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We watched the Cruise and found it better than the last one.

We are watching the current J.D one and yes have enjoyed it but like someone else wouldn't like to be on such a small boat with others.

One tiny thing though J.D's laugh is starting to grate on me just a tad -  just saying ;)

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I watched the first series of The Cruise and thought it was really cheesy I could see why people would be put off cruising when watching it, this time around I think it has been much better. I didn't watch the Jane Macdonald one but am planning on catching up as people seem to have good reviews so will give it a try!

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I love the Jane Mcdonald Cruise show.  She's from Yorkshire, friendly, says it like it is and has a wonderful voice. What's not to like?   The cruises have been varied.  I particularly liked the Hebridean one, though I bet the sea can be rough sometimes.

The River cruise looked to be a very expensive line, dressing for dinner and all.  I have done river cruises with AMA Waterways but we didn't dress for dinner.

I like the way she does tours that are not organised by the cruise company.  This shows what else is available with a little research.

I am looking forward to the Alaskan Cruise next week, we haven't been since 1994.

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