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Bureaucracy still alive & kicking

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So having just experienced the pleasure of winter sun briefly in the Caribbean on the 1st leg of P&O's Arcadia we decided to look at Caribbean cruises in early 2018 & found the Thomson Discovery 2 had 3 x 1 week cruises that started & finished at same place but had different itineraries.

Bolsover don't deal with Thomson- now know why!!!! - so went online & tried to make the 3 cruises into 1 cruise - no way would system let me me.

Contacted Thomson directly & over the course of 10 days the request kept getting escalated because all they could offer was 14 days & a 7 day cruise - you would think that's ok except they expected us to pay for 4 sets of flight supplements even though we would only be using 2!!!!!

This went all the way to head office & they wouldn't budge.

Needless to say they didn't get our business & we have now booked a great deal with P&O via Bolsover - albeit only 14 days.

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We go every year to Austria in January with Crystal (Thomson ski company) and have done for over 25 yrs and every year we have the same problems because we want to go for 14nts instead of 7nts. You would think it would be easy but every year we encounter problems i.e. we don't do 14nt holidays and when I said we go every year and have done for 25 yrs for 14nts there is always deathly silence. Have even tried to book 2 consecutive 7nt holidays but they say I cannot do that because of not using flights in the middle Saturday. It is a nightmare every year and takes hours in telephone calls and unfortunately only Crystal go to that hotel/village so cannot book with other company.

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