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sammy sun

Silver Muse & The Green Eyed Monster

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That would be the title of my book if I were writing it today!

I've just been browsing the web a little bit during some free time and I came across Bolsover's Facebook photos of Silver Muse. Clearly a few of the staff were on board and their photos looked lovely. It encouraged me to read a bit more about the ship which then encouraged me to re-evaluate my life :P

The ship looks beautiful and one I would love to try one day. From the furnishings to the amount of restaurants on board a ship of that size, I can't help but be impressed. I love the TV's in the cabins, they're so impressive. I know it seems silly commenting on the tv's but I like gadgets so I did find them pretty cool. The pool area looks lovely and all of the restaurants would appeal to me. I've never really looked much at Silversea, always preferred the look of Seabourn personally, but this ship does look stunning.

To sum up, I want to go on it but finances and time constraints will not allow it, hence the green eyed monster rearing its head.

Anyone else seen Silver Muse?

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I've seen a few images of Silver Muse floating around the internet and from the ones that I've seen so far, I'm very impressed. From reading a review today I found out that when the TV's are not in use they act as a mirror! Plus it was also quite nice to read that the decor was understated luxury, no lavish wall art, sculptures etc. just subtle touches.  I best get saving if I ever want to go aboard Silver Muse :lol:

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