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We will be on the Azura for seven nights.

One port of call is Bilbao. We would like to visit the Guggenhiem museum and was wondering is it worth doing through excursion trip or ourselves?

Also, does the excursion cost include the entry fee to the museum?

And going with p&o we shouldnt have to que with prepaid tickets.

Thank you




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I believe Sunnygirl you have already asked this question before but here is the reply I gave.

The ship will dock in Getxo which is about 12 miles from Bilbao. You can either use the ships shuttle bus or you can walk to the station and then the metro into Bilbao. Ships excursion does not usually cover entry to the Guggenheim Museum but it of course depends on which cruise line you are going with. You may find this web site useful as it contains a wealth of information.


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