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cruise chef

•What would everyone like to see on the next series of ‘Cruising with Jane McDonald’?

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Oh, I feel I must stand up for Jane McDonald. If it wasn’t for watching one of her shows featuring a Viking Ocean ship we wouldn’t have booked the cruise we have just taken which was fantastic. I like her basic humour and friendly style. Ok, I could loose the end of show song too but I do enjoy her shows. 

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I believe the next series she will be focusing on HAL & Silversea.

Nice cruiselines and as OWT says hopefully more focus will be put on the ships rather than Jane herself.

And please no singing at the end, as much as I like her presenting style the singing is not needed this is the point I generally switch off far to cheesy for me.


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On 15/10/2017 at 9:16 AM, Jenjen said:

I think forget Jane let Mitch do a series fly on the wall style on all the cruise ships, it would be the most amazing and hilarious look at ships and passengers 

only my opinion and I can think of few others on this forum 

ha ha just seen this jenjen,i am flattered, i reckon i would get banned from p&o pretty quickly or lynched.

mind if they paid me what she gets i might risk it. lol.

i qute like her but then have always liked down to earth presenters, cilla springs to mind as well.

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