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Magic of Madeira

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For Anyone thinking of visiting Madeira over Christmas and New year .

We were at Anchor along with many other ship.

The Video is taken looking out to sea so not the view we got, The whole island has a synchronised firework display which last's for around 10 minutes ,Some 14 vessels berthed and at anchor and between 24 and 30 fireworks displays going off at the same time, including 3 displays on barges in the bay.....Davybe

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We were Tendered in from Ventura, it got fairly rough when we tried to get from ship to tender , One Lady got her leg caught between the Tender and the Pontoon, and one man managed to walk backwards off the pontoon into the sea, 

The Island really does make an effort for Christmas .





Plenty going on with a band playing ,and as you can see we had a wonderful warm day 22c on New Years Eve....Davybe

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Hi Davybe,

Thanks for the photos. 

Brought back good memories from a few years back when our Dance School (Harwood School of Dancing) organised a week's stay at Reid's Palace in Funchal.  We flew out just after New year, so missed the fireworks but all the Christmas decorations, lights and stalls were still in full swing.  Because of the timing, they got us a great deal with a significant reduction on Reid's normal pricing.  It proved such a success, we all went again a couple of years later.

You're absolutely right, the Island really does make an effort at this time of year.


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