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Game Of Thrones

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hturtle you need to persevere as it is episode 3/4 where you really start getting into it I watched the first two at least three times and never got further but one night I had nothing to watch and by episode four I was hooked so keep going. 

PP get watching them :D

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It's on my sky+. Watching it tonight. My prediction for this episode is ;

Tyrian has to dual to the death against his brother Jamie. But as the dual begins, Jamie just places his one remaining hand firmly on Tyrian's forehead so , as much as the poor little fella swings wildly away with his little sword, he can't reach Jamie. This goes on for 59 minutes of the episode (it is a dual to the death after all) until a headless Sean Bean suddenly rises from the earth and says something like "hecky thump, if this is what tut Games of tut Thrones has come too, I were glad I only signed up for tut first series. At which point, all three of Daenerys Targaryen's dragons fly down and barbecue the lot of them.

Really looking forward to it :)

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Errr silly question but isn't it downloaded into my planner on the sky box? How do I type in game of thrones as my tv doesn't have a keyboard  :unsure:

Its not silly, think you have to use your remote, it will bring up a keyboard on your telly & you can use the arrow keys & entre or select button to chose which letter you want.

hope that helps

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Nobody likes a spoiler Dennis  :angry: they are the lowest of the low  :D

That a dig at me? Who knows what really happens anyway… the series isn't following the books 100%

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