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We have just returned from a 35 night cruise on Ventura.  Took 2 litres of gin in the suitcase. We were not asked by check in or security staff if we had alcohol,  although we know the suitcase would be scanned.  At the first port we were asked if we had purchased alcohol. It seemed to be a policy of honesty, as bags were not searched and scanning had taken place ashore.  After that, we were never asked about alcohol and at one port we brought on a bottle of wine which we drank in the cabin.  At the end of the cruise we put on the questionnaire that the policy was unfair to passengers on longer cruises, after all we could have taken 2 litres on a 2 night cruise and be completely wasted without spending any money at the bar. But then we are not that boring!!

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On Oriana last month there were crew members waiting at a table for people to hand in any alcohol after they had been scanned. If scanning was done in the cruise terminal they waited there & if done after boarding they waited there. The Horizon paper gave the times that it could be collected on the day before arriving in Southampton.

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