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Has anyone been on a cruise who is vegan?

Im going on a two night cruise with my sister who is vegan. We are going on the Ventura. I mentioned it when booking, but if you look at the menus they cater for vegetarian but not vegan.

On booking, I was told theyve made a note of it. She said we can explain at the dinner table and they will make something up for my sister . I said thats a bit bad really as they should have some options on the menu. If there are 3000 or more passengers on a cruise,  you telling me everyone wants a meat dish.

I didnt find her helpful.

So thats why Im asking .

Thank you


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they try and accomodate most dietry needs there are options in the buffet for gluten free, diabetics etc.

they are very helpful in the dining rooms too.

there are vegetarian options on each menu.

but to expect them to produce daily menus for each dietary option is a bit much.


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I can't think of any cruiseline who've not been able to accommodate any specific dietary needs, the most important thing is to tell them once onboard don't solely rely on your travel agent as it can get lost in translation.


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