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Mamma Mia Again.

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Anyone else seen the latest version.

Not as good as the original IMO ,some very good moments ,and as it is a Prequel and Sequel of the original it seems odd at times.

Some great sequences when they sing and dance  ,but could do with more Abba Music for my money. "Waterloo" was a great number as were one or two others.

Cher makes her appearance very late on in the film ,Mainly to sing Fernando' .Being a bit sarky she is walking tribute to teeth implants wig making and Facial procedures , her top lip hardly moves .

Bit of a slow start but the music was very good and one or two surprise appearances from well known people....Davybe 

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13 hours ago, sinbad10 said:

Not for me I am afraid I love Abba music but thought first film was cringeworthy so will not be watching this one.

If you did not enjoy the first film you certainly would not like this one, some people who were there loved it clapping and falling about at the jokes.

Good job we are not all the same....Davybe

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