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Andrew Taylor

1st ever Fly / Cruise Questions

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I'm sure some of you will find this a bit funny but we have a couple of quick minor questions on what to expect during travel and on 1st day.


We fly Gatwick to St Lucia on 15th Dec then board Britannia 


  1. On the Dreamliner flight we are economy class, are alcoholic drinks inc?
  2. Do we get 2 x meals or 1 and a snack?
  3. When does the Muster on board usually take place pre-sailing?
  4. Do the Caribbean countries take GBP or are we better getting USD?
  5. Any advice on Internet access to avoid the excessive charges on board?
  6. Any other tips you can give us to ensure we get the most out of the Cruise?


If anyone can help with any of these points we would be very grateful.


Thanks all


The Taylors

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Welcome aboard Andrew. From what we can remember we think you pay for drinks in economy & get 1 meal & 1 snack. Most Caribbean countries take USD but some ( like the French side of St Maarten ) take euros. Muster is usually late afternoon & there are often places offering free internet access on shore ( if in doubt just follow a crew member).

Britannia is a beautiful ship & I hope you have a wonderful time. If we've remembered any of the above points wrongly we're sure another member will put us right.😀🛳

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cant advise on the flight but pretty much all the islands take us$ and as 2torts says follow the crew for internet access most bars around the ports have free internet for customers.the muster usually happens 4ish on embarkation day. check the drinks or coffee packages to see if they suit your drinking habits they do a costa card for coffeeholics and dont forget in the cafe you get a free cake or savoury when you have a coffee handy if like me you dont really do lunch.although you can eat 24/7 if you like lol. a wine package for the little ol wine drinkers.

havent been on brittania so cant advise shipwise but the islands are great and you can easily save money on daay trips by doing your own thing if you dont want to do the ships trips a lot of people on the cruise ive just finished did that. nearly all the port terminals have tourist information or taxi controllers to help. some like martinique are a bit of a bun fight but still doable.

take plenty of sunscreen and beware overcast days you can still burn.

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Welcome to the forum.

Its been a. long time since we have flown so things may have changed you got a drink with each meal ,but if its not free then they will sell you drinks?

You should get meals as appropriate .for the time of day.

Muster before you sail, the most awkward life jackets to put on.

US dollars would cover most of it ,but you could get your change in Caribbean Dollars?

Use the free Wi Fi in the ports the crew will show you where to go.

Read daily paper, and you can get most tours cheaper by using local Taxis ,even better if 4 of you share.

Great place to visit have a great cruise....Davybe

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