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We due to depart on a cruise on Sunday 5 November from Southampton going to Boston, New York, Port Canavaral & Miami. On the Friday before departure had a phone from Bolsover telling us of an intinerary change and that we would not be going to Boston or New York because of impending storms. We had booked a show in New York and just managed to cancel these and get a full refund from my ticket agency,

We were now going to Bruges and Le Havre which was like taking coals to Newcastle for us Londoners. These stops were also cancelled. That is the reason for the title of this piece.

The Captain then managed to creep through the side of the storm and were  off to Gran Grania which was not on our original programme and is in the Euro Zone and we only had US dollars on us. Thanks for credit cards.

We then were to travel to an RCI island Coco something and the tenders couldn't land because of high waves,.

We did however get to Port Canavaral and Miami.

We believe that Royal Caribbean are offering some sort of compensation and we were advised of these in a note sent to our cabins, but we have yet to receive any formal note following our cruise on how to action these but I believe it is a discount on our next cruise







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Presumably this was the Navigator OTS TA which had stabiliser problems and went across to the Caribbean via a more southerly route, there are lots of threads about this over on Cruise Critic which might give you more information about the compensation.

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