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Yorkshire rose

Visa requirements for China

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Has anyone cruised and had a stop in Shanghia.?

I seem to be getting conflicting advice re visa’s.

We are going with P&O next year and the information they have given is that if we are going off the ship with one of their tours they will sort it and we don’t need to apply for a visa.

Travel agent says we have to apply for one and can get this online.

Website says we have to apply in person as they need to have our fingerprints.

We only have the one stop in China and won’t be leaving the Shanghai area.

Any advice would be grateful.


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  • Cruise passengers transiting in mainland China for less than 24 hours do not need a visa provided they have confirmed travel to a third country or region.
  • Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin have a 144-hour visa exemption for transit passengers arriving or departing by sea or air and exiting to a third country.
  • Foreign tourists arriving in Shanghai on a cruise ship can stay in China for up to 15 days without a visa provided they leave the country on the same cruise ship. Passengers must be travelling on tour groups (minimum two people) arranged by travel agencies that are registered in China and the companies must submit details of their groups to inspection authorities at least 24 hours before the ships arrive in Shanghai to be eligible.

So I would say P&O are correct with the tours by us option

Travel Agency are also correct as you can apply for the 144 hour visa exemption


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