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Got any Snow

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Here in North Wales we woke up to a light covering of snow yesterday morning, and looking out over to the Mountains we are quite lucky, some pretty good covering coming down the Hills and Mountains.

Looks like Manchester and Liverpool had it Bad .

What's it like in your Area.


Liverpool with the Beatles?


Manchester Airport.

Today no Snow but a very hard frost ,and the Water went off. 

How are things in your area.....Davybe

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Hi Davybe,

Main problem here in the North Notts area is freezing fog.  Below freezing all day today and the mist, which has been present since the early hours, is closing in again.  Driving in to Nottingham this evening for dinner and then theatre.  Need to allow plenty of time, I think.

What makes it worse is that our friends are on board Azura in the Caribbean and keep sending messages about sunshine and beaches.  Time to turn on Sky Sports and watch England get slaughtered again in Antigua!!

On the brighter side, off to Tenerife in the not too distant future. 😎


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Here in West Berkshire no snow yet but forcasted. We had a light covering on Monday night but nothing to shout about. It was minus 6 last night glad we did not have to go out. Log burner on and cosy. Keep warm and safe

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