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Mote pictures of Virgins ship internals

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I'm new and hadn't really considerd a cruise before some Virgin ship photos came across my facebook page, think it looks very nice. What about pricing, how does the Virgin cruise ship pricing compare to other cruise lines? I don't know all the ins and outs so can't tell if it's comparable.

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5 hours ago, mitch said:

so as a single traveller i am paying the same as a couple. i dont think so not for me.

But isn't that how it works now with the single supplement ??

I appreciate there are occasions when some cruises are available with less than 100% single supplement but in the main a single traveller will pay the same  as for for double occupancy, it could actually work out better because if the price is 'per cabin' if there are any deals to be had then they are open to all which doesn't happen at the moment.


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