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Cunard's new policy as of 19th March 2020

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I am absolutely disgusted with Cunard's new change of policy that they have introduced as of 19th March that those with cruises booked after 11th April cannot cancel and receive part cash refund and part FCC. They now have replaced it with FCC of 110% with no thought of those that already have future cruises booked with them and cannot physically book a new booking. So in effect they are hoping that if my cruise is not cancelled by them with which they would have to legally give full refund in cash they are hoping like me I will lose all my money paid in full to Cunard and they will benefit completely. Nice to really find out what they really think about their customers and how they treat them. Absolutely shocking compared to Princess, fellow Carnival company, who have treated their customers far better and with far more respect. Also I am sure that many especially those over 70 who have cancelled and not yet booked another cruise using their FCC that Cunard hope that they die which I am sure some will unfortunately then Cunard will gain again and suffer no financial loss. 

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