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Costa Voyager

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We are booked for a cruise in September 2014 with a great itinerary in Croatia.

I understand that cruising with Costa is unlike the other companies, but would be interested to hear from anyone that has cruised on this smaller cruise ship.

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The only issue I had with Costa when sailing from a Mediterranean port is the very low number of English speaking passengers. I was admittedly, a relatively new cruiser at the time of my one and only Costa cruise, having sailed with P&O and Celebrity first, and was unaware of this aspect of passenger mix. On my cruise there were only 16 registered English speakers out of 1200. The only reason I mention this is that part of the cruising experience and pleasure for me is having my meals in the main dining room where one could converse with one's fellow diners. Also just having a chat over coffee or a drink.  There's only so much smiling and nodding one can do during lunch where several different languages are spoken. I speak a little Spanish but really only menu level Italian and French and no German at all. As I said earlier - I was unaware of this language issue but it may not be an issue for others. Apart from that - it was a lovely cruise. (by the way - you won't need a DJ. Dressing is very casual regardless of the dress code.) 


Again, as I said, we had a lovely cruise but once was enough for me.




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