The Most Expensive Places For Your Gin Or Prosecco Fix

UK drinkers have clearly been won over by a glass of Prosecco and a G&T over the past few years, but how popular are these two beverages around the world? How much does it cost in different countries to enjoy our two favourite tipples? We did some research to find out...

Gin and Prosecco

For Lovers of Fizz

Move over champagne, because this affordable (and delicious) alternative is taking your crown! For those of us who like to order a refreshing glass of prosecco on holiday, we can expect to pay an average of £10.32 a glass. We calculated this by looking at the average prosecco price in 30 popular holiday destinations, everywhere from Edinburgh to Melbourne, Australia.

Our research showed that these three affordable places are perfect for those who enjoy a glass of fizz on holiday:

• Budapest, Hungary – £3.69 a glass
• Warsaw, Poland – £4 a glass
• Venice, Italy – £5.33 a glass

With London's most affordable prices around £6.97 a glass, Europe seems to be a good holiday option for those who want a nice glass of bubbly abroad!

Make Yours a G&T

On the whole, gin seems to be the more affordable option to drink in most countries compared to prosecco. The average price is £9.03 for a G&T but you can enjoy a glass for a considerably lower price than the average in these three popular destinations for UK travellers:

• Budapest, Hungary – £2.90
• Warsaw, Poland – £3.25
• Havana, Cuba – £4.50

Here in our UK capital, it costs almost three times as much for a G&T compared to Budapest! However, at an average of £8.82, this is still slightly lower than the average across all of our 30 countries.

Gin and Prosecco Costs around the World

The Most Expensive Locations

London prices may seem high compared to some of the other countries in our research but surprisingly, it was by no means the most expensive location to buy gin and prosecco. If a glass of your favourite tipple is a holiday must, we'd recommend avoiding Barcelona and Dubai for a glass of prosecco, which would set you back an eye-watering £22.95 and £29.49 respectively per glass.

The most expensive locations to buy gin were Reykjavik, costing an average of £17.90, and Paris which priced gin at £20.31. So, if you're planning a night out in any of these countries, make sure you check the prices first to save yourself from getting a nasty shock the next morning!

Top Places for a Holiday Drink

When we took a closer look at the top 10 cheapest places to buy gin and prosecco, there were six holiday spots that appeared across both lists. Those were:

• Budapest
• Warsaw
• Venice
• Havana
• Toronto
• Prague

Most Expensive and Cheapest to buy Gin and Prosecco

If, like us, you can't choose between these two delicious beverages, these are the six best places to visit if you want the best of both worlds without spending a fortune.

The biggest discrepancy between the price of these two drinks was in Auckland in New Zealand, where it costs an average of £6 for gin but a whopping £18 for a glass of prosecco. Similarly, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia charge an average of just £5.83 for gin compared to £15.56 for a glass of prosecco.

So, what did we find out from our research? In summary, Budapest and Warsaw are the two spots where you can find both gin and prosecco for the cheapest prices. On the other end of the scale, prosecco drinkers should avoid Dubai and gin fanatics should pick a cheaper alternative if they fancy a tipple on a visit to Paris.

We don't know about you, but we're already searching for some cheap cruise deals that hit all the top gin and prosecco spots... Cheers to Budapest!

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