Fred Olsen Cruises Announces Its Ban On Plastic Straws

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines has announced today on World Environment Day, that is has introduced a ban on plastic straws on all four of its ocean ships. Plastic cutlery is also being removed from the fleet.

The cruise line has also been implementing other waste-saving initiatives on board its ocean ships:

» Removal of single-use coffee cups from Bookmark Cafés

» Plastic jam, butter and milk portions to be replaced in restaurants, buffets, and Room Service orders

» Plastic laundry bags replaced with linen ones

» Reducing the use of cling film

» Using ropes to secure items during rough seas rather than plastic

Thomas Rennesland, Hotel Operations Director of Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, said:

“As a cruise line, we make our living out of the sea. We need to do our utmost to conserve this precious environment and make sure that it is safeguarded for marine life and the enjoyment of generations to come.

“There are three key elements to the environmental measures that we are undertaking across our fleet: to reduce and – where possible – eliminate single-use disposable plastics; to reduce the amount of plastics used operationally; and finally, to influence our supply chain in their behaviours.

“We have been listening to guest feedback and asking our staff how we can work together to reduce, and wherever possible, remove our reliance upon single-use plastics. On board Boudicca, for instance, we have been able to reduce the use of cling film by 32%; this is being replicated across our other ships.”

Fred Olsen is also considering measures it can undertake to reduce and eliminate single-use plastics on board its river cruise ship Brabant.

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