Hurtigruten Introduce New Pricing and Reveal Plans For UK Itineraries

Hurtigruten have revealed the news that they are actively exploring the possibility of adding UK itineraries to their cruise schedule in the future.

Hurtigruten’s Senior Vice President, Arild Kaale confirmed that the cruise line were “looking at plans to pick up customers from the British Isles” going on to say “it is something that we are discussing. We’re trying to pick up customers where they are — we also have a lot of Chinese passengers who want to be picked up in Shanghai, so we are exploring that too.”

The move would see a significant development in Hurtigruten’s all-round itineraries, offering passengers a new, unique cruise experience direct from the UK. This news has come on the back of Magnus Zetterberg, the line’s UK Managing Director announcing plans to increase the number of regional flights from the UK for their sailings by at least half commencing from the first three months of 2017. It is not known at this point which UK airports will receive the extra flights but we’ll bring you the latest news as soon as it’s revealed.

The cruise line is also looking to expand its itinerary range further afield, revealing plans that they are set to being sailings through the north-west passage, along with warmer water itineraries following on the back of the extremely successful 2015 Amazon programme.

Kaale said: “Warmer waters is something that we are very keen to look at; we’re really excited about it. We’d like to see more ships in Asia. We have a lot of clients in Asia, and I believe it is somewhere we would definitely like to look at. The north-west passage is also somewhere that we feel is in line with our product.”

The changes will see Hurtigruten vastly expand their cruise collection, taking in more destinations than ever before and expanding their reach to passengers all over the world. They have, however, ruled out the Mediterranean, seeing as a step too far from what the cruise lines is trying to achieve.

Hurtigruten’s Chief Executive Daniel Skjeldam ruled out competing with larger, mainstream cruise lines in Mediterranean, stating: “We won’t be going to the Med or any large [current cruise ship] volume areas.”

The itinerary changes are part of a series of changes the cruise line is making over the coming months. Hurtigruten are introducing a new pricing structure, which we believe will make the booking process far simpler and offer potential passenger’s greater understanding of what they will receive on board. The new fare structure will begin from 18 April 2016 for all sailings departing on or after 1 April 2017. Passengers will be given the choice of three different pricing options: basic, select or platinum package. The Basic package has been described as the “no-frills” offering, simply including the cabin only, as well as meals on board. The cabin choice will be pre-selected for this option. The Select option enables passengers to choose their own cabin as well as a preferred dining time. Select also includes complimentary Wi-Fi packages, as well as tea and coffee throughout the cruise. The Platinum Package is built on the Select package but adds a la carte dining, an inclusive drinks package, complimentary water in each stateroom, welcome basket with champagne and complimentary use of binoculars.  The Platinum Package also include exclusive benefits such as unique shore excursions, private transfers in both Bergen and Trondheim and even special access to the ship’s bridge.

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