MSC Cruises Celebrates MSC Grandiosa’s Float Out

MSC Cruises and Chantiers de l’Atlantique celebrated the float out of MSC Grandiosa in Saint-Nazaire.

MSC Grandiosa has now been moved to a wet dock, where work will continue until her delivery in October 2019.

Meraviglia-Plus ships

When MSC Grandiosa enters the fleet later this year she is due to become the third Meraviglia ship to enter MSC Cruises’ fleet, and the first of three Meraviglia-Plus ships, which feature larger tonnage and guest capacity than the first two Meraviglia ships – MSC Meraviglia and MSC Bellissima.

She will also become the fifth ship to enter MSC Cruises’ fleet in just two and a half years.

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Grandiosa Features

MSC Grandiosa will have an even larger Mediterranean-style promenade that serves as the social hub of the ship. The promenade will host surprise performances, including flash mobs and themed parties as well as the awe-inspiring projections on the even longer 98.5mtr LED Sky screen.

A new bar and lounge, L’Atelier Bistrot, offering lounge seating with a stage and a dance floor, impressionist art on display and terrace seating with Parisian Bistrot tables and chairs will also feature on board.

Like her sister Meraviglia class ships, MSC Grandiosa will feature two brand new exclusive shows from Cirque du Soleil at Sea.

MSC Grandiosa will also become the second MSC Cruises ship to feature Zoe, the cruise industry’s first digital cruise personal assistant, as a new feature of MSC for Me.

At the end of October, MSC Grandiosa will be delivered to MSC Cruises and named in Hamburg in early November. Her sailings will begin from Genoa, Italy on 16 November 2019.

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