Princess Cruises’ newest ships to feature escape room experience

Princess Cruises has announced Sky Princess and Enchanted Princess will feature an escape room experience at sea.

The ‘Phantom Bridge’ will combine digital and physical challenges, which will see players captaining and steering a simulated ship through a range of historical and future time periods. Accompanying lighting, sound and digital features create a realistic interactive experience as players ultimately try to find the room’s exit key.

Guests will need to work as a team to uncover clues and solve puzzles with the ‘ship’ transforming and responding to their actions so they can progress through the story.

Families and friends can play together, with the game featuring a number of levels, time periods and brainteasers with more than 700 possible outcomes on offer, meaning returning players can experience multiple different endings.

Games last around 25 minutes and accommodate up to six people.

Sky Princess sets sail in October this year, with the Phantom Bridge available from December. The experience will debut on Enchanted Princess when the ship launches from Southampton in June 2020.

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Author: Abbie

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