Star Clippers To Build World’s Largest Tall Ship


Star Clippers have announced the news that a new tall ship addition to the fleet is under construction and set for delivery in 2017. The tall ship specialists announced the build of the new ship along with further details that it will become the largest sail-powered ship to date and will supersede the brands current flagship, Royal Clipper. Royal Clipper was the last ship launched by the brand back in July 2000 but the new arrival will weigh in at an impressive 8,770 tons and have the capacity to carry 300 guests. She will be a five-masted, square-rigged barque.

Star Clippers are renowned for their heritage and traditional approach to cruising. The current flagship, Royal Clipper was modelled on the German sailing ship Preussen when created but the new arrival will take a different approach. The latest addition to the fleet will be a near replica to the dramatic France II, which was commissioned in 1911 and the largest square rigger ever constructed.

The deck space on a sailing ship is one of the key benefits to this style of cruising. The opulent open space is always a pleasure and the new addition to the Star Clipper fleet will continue this tradition. She will however, add a few attractions of her own including three pool areas, one of which will funnel sunlight directly through the atrium of the ship and into the restaurants on board.

Dining aboard the new ship will be completely open seating with no sitting or dinner time restrictions in line with other members of the Star Clippers fleet. The new addition will offer passengers a unique watersports platforms located towards the aft of the ship for when the ship is anchored in suitable locations for it to be deployed, and knowing Star Clippers and their excellent itinerary choices, there are certain to be many beautiful places for this to be used.

Accommodation will come in the form of a variety of cabin grades, which will include a total of 34 suites, all offering balconies as well as 4 glamorous owner’s suites.

Loyal followers of Star Clippers will be pleased to hear the news that all the favourite hallmarks of the cruise line will be included aboard the latest addition including the library, bowsprit net and the popular, al fresco Tropical Bar, renowned for hosting many evening entertainment events throughout each cruise.

The ship will have ecologically sound, high-tech engines but, like its sisters in the fleet, she will rely on wind power and her incredible sails whenever possible. Michael Krafft, founder and owner of Star Clippers said the new arrival was “an ambition I have had for a long time. The ship’s rig will be identical to France II and dimensions will be very similar, although we have added various features that will make this the most magnificent passenger sailing ship afloat.”

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